McDonald's pledges net-zero emissions by 2050

McDonald's says it aims to cut its global greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050.

The target covers everything from the beef in its burgers to the lights in its restaurants.

On Monday (October 4) the burger chain also said it was working with the nonprofit Science Based Targets initiative to revamp its existing climate goals.

By 2030 it aims to cut a third off emissions from suppliers and its nearly 40,000 restaurants.

United Nations scientists say the world's net emissions must fall to zero by 2050 to limit climate change.

McDonald's joins more than 1,000 companies that have signed similar pledges.

About 80% of its emissions come from the supply chain, in particular its use of beef, chicken, dairy and other proteins.

The U.S. chain is one of the world's biggest buyers of beef.

Now McDonald's says it will use new guidelines from the Science Based Targets initiative to cut emissions from agriculture, land use and forestry.

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