McDonald's tests vegan burger

McDonald's is beefing up its menu in North ADDING A vegan OPTION

The Golden Arches will test what it calls its "P.L.T." sandwich. That stands for plant, lettuce, tomato.

Providing the world's largest restaurant operator with its vegan patties: Beyond Meat. The announcement pushed the alternative meat producer's stock up more than 10% Thursday morning. That stock has more than doubled since debuting in May.

McDonald's is pricing its new non-beef burger at just under $5 U.S. dollars. The test run starts next week at 28 restaurants in Ontario, Canada.

McDonald's says it'll use the test to monitor customer demand and see how the new burger impacts its restaurant operations.

Vegan offerings won't be a first for McDonald's. It's already grilling plant-based burgers in Germany and Israel in partnership with Nestle. But with its test in Canada, McDonald's joins KFC, Dunkin' Brands, Tim Hortons, and other fast-food chains offering plant-based items in North America.

McDonald's shares rose more than half percent in early trading.