McDonald's Is Using Hourglasses to Put the 'Fast' Back in Fast Food

Polly Mosendz
McDonald's Is Using Hourglasses to Put the 'Fast' Back in Fast Food

McDonald's is set on becoming speedy once more. Lately, the burger chain has been majorly slacking when it came to drive-thru orders. In fact, they had even created drive-thru parking spots, as in some cases the wait for "fast" food was so long, it didn't make sense for the customer's car to clog up the ordering line. 

It seemed that corporate is as unamused as customers, and had decided to cut down the wait time to just sixty seconds. McDonald's is now working to revamp the menu, offering fewer options, and to add additional drive-thru pick up windows. They will monitor their speed improvement at 800 Florida McDonald's locations, using an hourglass. 

If a customer orders on weekdays between noon and 1 p.m., they will receive an hourglass sand timer after they pay. This means the minute guarantee is from payment to face stuffing food delivery — not from ordering to food. However, if you don't get your meal within that minute, you can redeem your hourglass for a free sandwich voucher. 

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Currently, the average time from order to snackage is 3 minutes and 15 seconds, so getting down to just one minute from payment to food doesn't seem too unobtainable. 

McDonald's spokesperson Lisa McComb explained to Bloomberg, "The 60-second guarantee promotion supports our priority of providing an enjoyable lunch experience for customers in Florida. It’s not a test. There’s nothing in the works at the national level at this time.”

While the program isn't set to roll out in full force across Florida till September, some patrons have already reported receiving hourglasses:

Two McDonald's goers received hourglasses over a year ago:

Still, while sixty seconds seems like a reasonable goal, one Reddit user, TravellingMcDs, who chronicles eating at international Mcdonald's, found it was actually quite difficult to execute. While dining at a Singapore McDonald's just over a year ago, the business promised a free McFlurry coupon if you did not receive your order in sixty seconds. The eater reported, "Let's just say the programme didn't last that long. Every single person was getting a McFlurry."

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