MCG Georgia higher education healthcare initiative

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – During the state of the college address, The Medical College of Georgia has announced new additions are on the way.

“Those talented researchers need a place to do their work, and it needs to be modern. I don’t think it’s asking for too much for them to have modern, adequate research space to be able to attract those funded folks here to Georgia,” Georgia Higher Education Healthcare Initiative Consultant, Laurie Ott said.

Some of the new opportunities coming to the Medical College of Georgia are already coming to reality.

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“And then this week, we see this wonderful news from the senate that they’re going to fund $10.7 Million to the planning and design of it. We’re not there yet. This is a three-leg race. We are through leg one, and we would hope that the house would support the funding for the planning and design as well, and of course, it has to get the governors ‘okay.’”

The project focuses on reconstructing the 1970 Sanders Building and the 1950 buildings, Pavilion One and Two. But one might ask, what is translational research?

“That just means taking the research from bench to bedside – in other words – the doors, the discoveries, and breakthroughs that scientists discover in a lab – at the bench that they call it – and how does that translate into the care for people,” Ott said.

She also says the project will help aid the shortage of not only physicians and nurses in the state, but even further.

“As we address workforce healthcare shortage across the state, a component of that is physicians, and a component of that is nursing and other professionals for sure. But it’s really important that we have physician scientists located in Georgia, and in particular, the medical college is in great need of adequate modern space in order to attract those physicians.”

Folks involved with this project say their main focus is to improve the health of the people living in the state of Georgia.

“Which only makes us more attractive for investment and for folks to want to move here. You gotta have the healthcare component and quality of life,” Ott said.

Once the project is signed off by Governor Kemp, renderings to Pavilion One and Two will begin and the Sanders Building will be the primary space for physician researchers.

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