McGregor Square Celebrates Grand Opening

McGregor Square is 6 years in the making and located near Coors Field.

Video Transcript

DOMINIC GARCIA: Covering Colorado Business First, there was a party today across from Coors Field. Dozens of people got together for the grand opening of McGregor Square.

KAREN LEIGH: It'll be the next hot spot to watch major sporting events on a massive LED screen there, and the effort for it to become a place welcoming beyond sports is also ramping up. The CEO of McGregor Square says they hope this space can be central for shoppers and for people who just want to enjoy an outdoor movie experience.

PATRICK WALSH: This is going to be a big outdoor space. You know, we have the screen, we think this is perfect for, you know, US Open, World Cup, everything other than baseball, as well as baseball. But we do have movie nights. We're going to start that next month, with, I think, "Ferris Bueller's Day Off."

You know, we really want this project to be family-friendly, but also a place where you can come and have a lot of fun.

KAREN LEIGH: The space, six years in the making. They are excited to be close by some of the best spots in Denver like The Tattered Cover, Tom's and a local food hall. You can check it out at Wynkoop and 20th Street, right across from Coors Field.