McLean's TeenServ Offers No-Contact Yard Work During Pandemic

Emily Leayman

MCLEAN, VA — A student-run business in McLean made a few changes in response to the new coronavirus pandemic, but their business model is already equipped to handle no-contact communication.

TeenServ, founded by McLean High School students, always allowed homeowners to post house work jobs for teens, communicate with the teens, and pay for jobs through virtual means. Jobs performed inside a house are suspended during the pandemic, but teens can complete outdoor tasks such as lawnmowing.

"With our service, it's something they can use without interacting face-to-face with the teenagers," said Ben Jeannot, a co-owner at TeenServ.

The business can also help with errands when people cannot leave their homes. For example, one recent job posting requested pickup of items from a store.

The contact-free work doesn't only have a public health advantage, according to the TeenServ owners. Jeannot faced cutbacks at his own part-time job due to full-time workers being given priority for hours. He says cutbacks and parents' concerns about teens working in-person retail may result in teens working and earning less. That's why they believe TeenServ can help fill in gaps.

Co-owner Quin Frew said TeenServ's outdoor jobs are low risk to teens and pays more hourly on average than a minimum wage job.

"You're helping give back to the community because you're paying a local teenager," said Jeannot.

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