MD Barbershop Working To Get More People Vaccinated

Maryland barbershops and salons are encouraging customers to get vaccinated.

Video Transcript

- A Maryland barbershop is much more than just a place to get a haircut. For the past 10 years the shop, Hair Spa, in Hyattsville has worked with the University of Maryland to be a health advocate in the community. Barbers cover certain health problems that target the Black community, and now, it's being eyed by the Biden administration as a national model to boost coronavirus vaccination rates among communities of color. Barber Mike Brown says a lot of his clients have shared misinformation or didn't know why they haven't gotten the shot. Brown says he's there to share the facts.

MIKE BROWN: It's a tiring job as well because you're trying to convince people to do something, and they have no reason why they're saying no. But as they continue to come they got to get in my chair cause they my customers, so every week you come you're going to hear a little bit more until we get to where we need to be.

- White House is taking the shot here spots technique and spreading it to 1,000 salons across the country. They hope this will help get 70% of Americans vaccinated.