Meadows defends against Biden virus criticism

White House chief of staff Mark Meadows is taking issue with Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s criticism that the Trump administration has given up on trying to control the coronavirus pandemic. (Oct. 26)

Video Transcript

MARK MEADOWS: The only person waving a white flag, along with his white mask, is Joe Biden. I mean, when we look at this, we're going to defeat the virus. We're not going to control it. We will try to contain it as best we can.

And if you look at the full context of what I was talking about is-- is we need to make sure that we have therapeutics and vaccines. We need to make sure that, when people get sick, that they have the kind of therapies that the president of the United States has, that we can provide. Those emergency use authorizations, hopefully, will be coming in very short order.

A national lockdown strategy, or a national quarantine strategy, that is proposed by the left, is not effective, is not what will ultimately contain or control this virus. So any suggestion that we're waving the red flag-- I mean the white flag-- is certainly not in keeping with this president. You know him. He doesn't give up. And he's not going to give up until all Americans are safe and we've defeated this virus.

It is a critical time in our country where there are moms right now-- that are tuned in right now-- saying, well, what am I going to do with my kids? When are they going to get to go back to school? There are business people who are saying, well, I'm closed down. How-- how am I going to-- to deal with this?

And there's only been one person that's been willing to address that in a meaningful way, and that's the president of the United States. We're going to continue to do that. And yet, at the same time, try to mitigate the risks that come along with this-- this China virus that came to us through no fault of our own and certainly no fault to the American people.