Meals on Wheels in need of donations after winter storm

One recipient said things got scary when her power went out. Now, the nonprofit needs help and donations.

Video Transcript

- Yes, Mel, these meals are incredibly important. And we just spoke with one recipient-- her name is Elizabeth. She actually lives out here in the heights. She says that her power went off on Monday and stayed off for several days. That's when she says things got pretty scary inside of her house. So when she got her mail delivery today, she said she was so thankful because it's one less thing that she has to worry about. For 5,000 seniors across the Houston area, that's the sound of relief.

- Hi, Lizzie.

- Elizabeth Pennington is a home-bound senior who receives food from Meals on Wheels. Last week, she was left without power or water for several days.

ELIZABETH PENNINGTON: Just kind of playing it day by day.

- It got so cold inside her house that she had to go stay with her brother.

ELIZABETH PENNINGTON: It got to where it was 40 degrees in the house.

- Volunteers with Meals on Wheels are now checking in on their recipients, delivering more food and making sure these seniors are getting what they need.

- Before the storm came, we provide every winter a winter storm meals box.

- Inside are shelf stable items, enough for five meals, food that became incredibly important when deliveries had to shut down last week for four days. The wheels are moving once again but the need for donations is huge. And for some, the worries are mounting, particularly the agonizing wait for the next utility bill.

ELIZABETH PENNINGTON: I'm very nervous about that. Just because I know once the lights turned back on, just to turn the thermostat to 60, to warm the house back up to 60, it ran constantly for two days.

- And you just hate to hear someone like Elizabeth worrying about something like that, but that's the reality. And so right now, the biggest need is for donations. All that money is going to go to supplying more food to these seniors. So if you are in a position to donate right now, please head on over to the interfaith ministries website. Any amount helps because these seniors truly do rely on this food, and they really need extra support right now.