Measure B Means Safer Communities

Measure B Means Safer Communities

Measure B Means Safer Communities

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Voting Yes on Measure B will create one of the most fire safe communities in San Diego County

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Yes on B, the Better Choice Measure, is proud of its commitment to fire prevention and public safety.

Measure B is committed to utilizing the most appropriate materials and responsible construction measures to ensure the utmost safety of the community's future residents. The new homes will be protected by an unprecedented 250-foot buffer surrounding the entire community, more than twice what is required. This defensible space acts as a buffer between the homes and open space, helping to decrease the chance of wildfire impacting this community.

Future residents of the community as well as all those surrounding neighborhoods will benefit from two Fire Protection Plans consistent with the County's guidelines along with extensive evacuation plans and three evacuation routes to help residents move quickly in the event of a wildfire.

"One of the most effective ways to prepare for the threat of wildfires is through the creation of communities like this that include the most advanced and latest fire protection measures," said Patrick Walker, 10th District Vice President, CAL FIRE Firefighters IAFF Local #2881. "Not only will the new community be protected in the event of a fire, but the entire region will benefit from the added infrastructure and funding that Measure B is investing in fire prevention and safety."

If passed in the Primary Election on March 3, voting Yes on B will provide $4.4 million in fire prevention funds as well as funding for a new, permanent fire station and equipment to ensure the safety of the proposed community and surrounding areas, and $1.4 million annually for the local fire district.

In addition to its state of the art fire safety plan, if approved by voters, Measure B will create a model community of 2,135 critically-needed homes, 60 percent of which would be affordably-priced for working families and 500 of which would be prioritized for public safety officers and firefighters, among others, allowing those who serve the community to be able to live in it.

"By providing attainably-priced homes and giving home-buying preferences to law enforcement officers and other first responders, you are making our community better, stronger and safer," stated Jack Schaefer, President of the San Diego Police Officers Association.

Since the launch of its campaign in July 2019, Yes on B has gained endorsements from the San Diego Police Officers Association, CALFIRE Firefighters Local 2281 and Deputy Sheriffs' Association of San Diego among many others.

About Measure B
Voting YES on Measure B, the Better Choice Measure, provides San Diego County residents with a better choice for the development of private property that will be developed one way or the other. The General Plan allows for a massive, 2 million square-foot retail and office development with 99 luxury mansions. Measure B would instead allow for the creation of Newland Sierra, a model community that provides 2,135 critically-needed homes with more than 60% affordably-priced for working families.


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