Media: Additional Russian troops arrive in Belarus

Another echelon of Russian military personnel consisting of 700-800 people arrived in Belarus, Belaruski Hayun, a group of activists that record the movement of troops within Belarus, said in a Telegram post.

According to the group, a train with 15 passenger cars with Russian soldiers passed through the western Russian city of Smolensk in the direction of Belarus and later arrived in the northwestern Belarusian city of Viciebsk.

This was the same route as another echelon of Russian soldiers that arrived in Belarus the night before, also with around 700-800 people. In total, at least 1,400-1,600 Russian military personnel were likely transferred to Viciebsk in the last two days, Belaruski Hayun said.

The group also said that on the evening of Jan. 6, Russian soldiers were seen around the Belarusian city, walking in groups and visiting shops.

Even before Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Belarus had allowed Russian forces to perform military drills on its territory. Since Feb. 24, Russian troops have used Belarus as a launching pad for its offensives and missile attacks.