Does the media owe Trump an apology?

Matt Bai
National Political Columnist
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    The concept of Fake News by Big Media is nothing new and didn't begin with the rise of Trump.

    Almost two years into his brief term President Kennedy sat for an interview with correspondents from the then big three networks. In the transcript below JFK espouses the necessity for an active and free press in the US. The kicker is JFK reminds the press of their own responsibility. It perfectly illustrates how far Big Media has fallen since JFK made the below remarks.

    NBC Correspondent Sander Vanocur: "You once said that you were reading more and enjoying it less. Are you still as avid a newspaper reader, magazine--I remember those of us who traveled with you on the campaign, a magazine wasn't safe around you."

    THE PRESIDENT. "Oh, yes. No, no, I think it is invaluable, even though it may cause you--it is never pleasant to be reading things that are not agreeable news, but I would say that it is an invaluable arm of the Presidency, as a check really on what is going on in the administration, and more things come to my attention that cause me concern or give me information. So I would think that Mr. Khrushchev operating a totalitarian system which has many advantages as far as being able to move in secret, and all the rest--there is a terrific disadvantage not having the abrasive quality of the press applied to you daily, to an administration, even though we never like it, and even though we wish they didn't write it, and even though we disapprove, there isn't any doubt that we could not do the job at all in a free society without a very, very active press.

    Now, on the other hand, the press has the responsibility not to distort things for political purposes, not to just take some news in order to prove a political point. It seems to me their obligation is to be as tough as they can on the administration but do it in a way which is directed towards getting as close to the truth as they can get and not merely because of some political motivation."
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    The thing is, trump didnt create the partisan coverage, he just pointed out the escalation of it. Even before he started yammering on about fake news, the media was going out of its way to show it couldnt be trusted to be impartial reporters of fact. I remember during the campaign that the washington post had been doing a fairly solid job of covering events, then trump complained and excluded the washington post for whatever reason, then "magically" there was a series of incredibly negative coverage articles from them for the next week. Trump had hurt their feelings so they lashed out at him. The overall coverage was also fairly openly partisan. All the more liberal publications especially were quoting chapter and verse about how trump couldnt win, how his support was clearly too low. Then he wins the primary in that state and they shifted to blaming the number of other candidates. Then most of the other candidates dropped out and they still tried to blame it on the two "real" candidates splitting support so he got the rest. It was so openly blatantly wishful thinking presented as fact that it proved the press couldnt be trusted with anything political.

    Bottom line, this isnt trumps fault, its the medias. The bias has been there for a very long time now, its just becoming more and more openly hyper partisan, to the point where even those who enjoy the confirmation bias notice it. Maybe you can fix it, but I doubt you have what it takes. You have let yourselves become too invested in the narrative, and I doubt you will back off any time soon. The fact that the news cycle is now 24/7 and in competition with dozens of others to grab a chunk of the audience for itself isnt helping matters. Actually BEING fair and balanced means losing out to the rags who tell viewers what they want to hear.
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    No Matt, the media owes the US citizens an apology. But don't bother, we don't believe a word the media says or writes anymore. Two years of one-sided coverage with breathless updates about how definitive evidence of collusion would result in impeachment and criminal prosecution of Trump and his administration. It was all a LIE. It was based on oppo research from the Hillary campaign - which was also a LIE. The media LIES to forward it's Leftist agenda. This is not journalism. This is propaganda and FAKE NEWS. And the media's credibility has been ruined for years to come.
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    Trump campaigned on strong borders, ending the ACA, fighting the “deep state”, judicial appointees who are constitutionalists, decreasing regulations and better trade agreements. Regardless of where you stand on these issues you must admit that it is rare for a politician to be so dedicated to actually fulfilling his campaign promises. It's strange, you can be justified for not believing a word that comes out of his mouth but in another way he is a more honest politician than most, certainly more than those who claimed to support the Green New Deal and then folded immediately when called on it. The media hates him, he often seems to rule from a swamp, but the country is doing fine. All the hate that the media blames him for creating would be much better placed on the media and his opposition. I hope he decides on his own not to seek reelection. I didn't want Trump v Hillary and the Democrats seem determined to make it Trump v someone actually worse than Hillary, who despite her mediocrity and ethical shortcomings at least wasn't living in a fantasy world. But as to the point of the article, the media has failed and even worse, it has lost credibility. And they have only themselves to blame.
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    Thomas P
    "But Trump very skillfully drew us into a fight. He cast the “fake news” as his enemy, and we responded exactly as he knew we would — in kind. He goaded us into becoming outright advocates, into jeopardizing what little remained of our public trust."

    So even when admitting that the media has gone overboard, and is approaching "advocacy status" vs. practicing "journalism", he still finds a way to blame Trump. Way to take personal responsibility - nice job - smh.
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    Bai makes some very salient observations about the MSM and its inherent bias against Trump and, in general, America's bedrock conservative values. An important point, also, about the MSM viz. Trump, is that they have not allowed Trump to carry out his fundamental responsibility, namely to provide leadership and governance to America. Instead, he has spent much of his time in office bobbing and weaving with the media and the Democrats over a contrived, and in the end, completely unfounded allegation of collusion with Russia. This is not right.
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    As Walter Cronkite once said, "In seeking truth you have to get both sides of a story."
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    "ask some hard questions about who we’ve become, as journalists, in the Trump era." OK, here is a HARD question. On Monday Pelosi tells the press to focus on health care. That's right PELOSI tells the press! And for the past three days all that CNN and other LEFT-leaning news outlets are talking about is health care. How does this happen? Most the media is nothing more than a PAC for the Democrats. ORWELLIAN!
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    So in the end, this guy still blames Trump claiming that he drew the press in and made them all do it with his "superpower" ability to manipulate others to become the worst versions of themselves. This is the problem with leftist society today... They cannot just take accountability for themselves and their actions. Everything bad is someone else’s fault, and in these days that someone is always the president. The press should take a moment of true reflection and look into the mirror instead of to others to explain their actions, lies, and other bad behaviors. And the people who blindly hate Trump because the fake news tells them to, need to stop getting used like a tool and start thinking for themselves. I vote every day at home by turning off CNN, MSNBC, and ABC news. They have all become worse than the North Korean state run media.
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    Wait, after looking back at most of Matt Bai's articles, he had stated many time that President Trump would be removed from office for everything from russian collusion, to obstruction of justice, to tax evasion. He stated President Trump would not make it one year, let alone the two he has been in office. Now Matt Bai wants to pretend he never though President Trump colluded with Russia? I guess he doesn't think people can see his past post.