Media: Polish farmers plan to join border protest

A group of around 100 farmers plan to join the Polish truckers protest at a border crossing with Ukraine on Nov. 23, Bloomberg reported on Nov. 20.

Polish truckers have been protesting the EU's liberalization of transport rules for Ukrainian trucks at three checkpoints since Nov. 6, causing huge lines on both sides of the border.

Farmers from the Betrayed Countryside association plan to stage a three-day protest at a fourth crossing at Medyka, one of the organizers told Bloomberg.

Drivers stuck in line are facing tough conditions as temperatures plummet and snow falls in eastern Poland.

Kyiv has created a support group to provide Ukrainian drivers with food, drinking water, medicine, and fuel.

According to EU rules, Ukrainian trucks do not require permits until June 30, 2024, after the EU and Ukraine signed an agreement in June 2022 to liberalize transport rules.

Polish truckers claim that the lack of entry permits for Ukrainian trucks is hurting business for Polish drivers. They are also calling for a ban on transportation companies from outside the EU.

Deputy Infrastructure Minister Serhiy Derkach wrote on Facebook on Nov. 19 that 1,200 trucks were blocked at the Korczowa crossing, and 500 trucks were blocked at the Hrebenne crossing.

"There were a total of no more than 15 protesters at these two checkpoints," Derkach said, highlighting that "a dozen people are holding the border hostage."

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