Media reacts to 1st presidential debate

Watch television personalities react to Tuesday night’s presidential debate.

Video Transcript

CHRIS WALLACE: I welcome you to the first of the 2020 presidential debates.


JOE BIDEN: How you doing, man?



LAURA INGRAHAM: Now, under the circumstances, the traditional model for presidential debates doesn't work very well.


JOE SCARBOROUGH: Yeah, it was something.

MIKE BRZEZINSKI: What was that?

STEPHEN COLBERT: The battle of the boomers, the showman versus the Joe man. Get ready for democracy to crumble!

RICK SANTORUM: Look, I thought the president was going to come out hot.

TREVOR NOAH: Yo! What was that?

- I just don't know what to say.

SEAN HANNITY: Some people probably think it's too hot.

RACHEL MADDOW: This sort of debate shouldn't happen in a democracy.

SARA FAGEN: It's hard game remember anything from the debate.


- It was a contentious battle.

- That was a shit show.

BRIAN WILLIAMS: It was withering.

- It was a complete disaster.

CHRIS CHRISTIE: That was not what was planned. It was a hotter.

- An extraordinary 90 minutes of viewing.

JAKE TAPPER: That was a hot mess inside a dumpster fire inside a train wreck.

- It was a very unusual debate.

STEPHEN COLBERT: Forget fact checking this debate, we couldn't even do any sentence finding.

WOLF BLITZER: Interrupting--

- Interrupting--

- Interrupting--

- Interrupting--

- Interruptions--

KAMALA HARRIS: Interrupting.

STEPHEN COLBERT: Interrupting!


SEAN HANNITY: Joe Biden just got steamrolled by President Trump.

- I think Donald Trump may have ended his presidency tonight.

- Chris Wallace did not act as a moderator.

ANDREW YANG: Tonight was not a pleasant viewing experience for a lot of Americans.

JIMMY KIMMELL: How many times did you yell at your television tonight watching the debate?

JAKE TAPPER: Frankly, embarrassing.

- Ellen, it was a barometer of the country.

TREVOR NOAH: But I have never, and I mean never, wanted to see a commercial break more badly in my life.