Media: Turkish charter plane briefly enters no-fly zone in Ukraine

A Turkish BBN Airlines charter flight briefly entered Ukrainian airspace, which is a no-fly zone, on its way from Oslo, Norway, to Antalya, Turkey, on July 25, a Norwegian NRK reported on Aug. 12.

Ukraine closed its airspace shortly after Russia unleashed its full-scale invasion in late February of last year.

The Airbus A320 entered Ukraine's airspace in the country's westernmost Zakarpattia Oblast and exited into Romanian airspace via neighboring Chernivtsi Oblast, according to FlightRadar tracker.

The aircraft can carry up to 180 passengers on board.

"We understand the concerns raised by the incident and guarantee that we are actively taking action to prevent similar incidents from occurring," BBN Airlines told NRK.

An incoming storm along the original flight path prompted the crew to consider an alternate route, according to the report.

European Severe Weather Database confirmed the storm.

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