Medicare 2022: Look for the best Medicare drug plans for you

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How to use the Tampa Bay Times Medicare prescription drug plan charts


Monthly premium: The monthly charge for every Medicare Part D drug plan. This is in addition to Medicare’s monthly Part B premium.

Annual deductible: What is paid out of pocket before coverage begins.

Generics in the gap: Whether a plan pays for generic drugs in the coverage gap, which begins when drug costs paid by the plan hit $4,430 for the year and ends when your own out-of-pocket expenses reach $7,050. Some plans offer generics in the gap only for select brands.

Rating: Medicare rates plans from 1 to 5 stars, based on customer satisfaction and certain health measures. The top rating is a 5.


Medicare health costs: Drug plans are for people on Original Medicare who also have expenses for doctors, hospitals and, sometimes, supplemental plans. People with higher incomes may pay higher Part B premiums and drug plan premiums.

Total drug costs: Out-of-pocket costs can vary widely depending on which drugs are needed. For an estimated total cost of different plans, enter the specific drugs into Medicare’s online Plan Finder and search for drug plans.