Meditation group connects with ancestors in Giza

STORY: This group came to the Giza pyramids to try to connect with their ancestors

as part of an overnight retreat hosted by a team of meditation experts

(Shakina Abir, Co-founder of Kemet Tribe)

“It has been very frustrating that most of the knowledge that I read or find is written by the west, and I believe that we have this knowledge actually in our body in our DNA and all we need to do is to wake it up, to connect, to just put the plug basically and it will just come, because when we read, when we see images, when we hear something, us as Egyptians, we have a much deeper understanding.’’

During what the hosts call the ‘Great Pyramid Initiation’

participants are encouraged to chant in ancient Egyptian

(Nimphaya Yasmine, Co-founder of Kemet Tribe) “We inform the people more about the routes, the history and the heritage of our beautiful country and we also have the shamanic journey which is a drum journey where people kind of drift and journey in a guided map, so this is a shamanic journey, and there’s also the sound medicine, where people receive healing through sound and vibration.’’

Despite mainly targeting Egyptians who want to reconnect with their ancestral roots

all those interested in the spirituality of our ancient origins are welcome to join

(Steven Par, Participant) “I’ve been heavily into not just ancient Egyptian history but spirituality aspects of our ancient origins for some while now and there’s absolutely no doubt that it’s had an incredibly positive effect on my mental health, anxiety gone.”