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Andrew Yang

Yang, the 44-year-old founder of Venture for America (described by the New York Times as "a Teach for America for Entrepreneurs"), has been running for president for more than a year. He's built his campaign on a pledge to provide a universal basic income of $1,000 each month for every American adult. According to the Times, Yang is pushing such a policy as a response to what he believes could be an economic catastrophe wrought by increasin automation, leaving many Americans without jobs. “I’m a capitalist,” he told the paper last year, “and I believe that universal basic income is necessary for capitalism to continue.” "I know the country my sons will grow up in is going to be very different than the one I grew up in," Yang says on his campaign website, "and I want to look back at my life knowing I did everything in my power to create the kind of future our children deserve." According to PBS, Yang recently crossed the donor threshhold to be included in upcoming debates among the Democratic primary candidates where he is likely to make the biggest splash among those without formal political experience.

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