Meet Alex Neville-Verdugo, the owner behind a new Springfield home repair business

Lefty's Handy Service owner Alex Neville-Verdugo
Lefty's Handy Service owner Alex Neville-Verdugo

Lefty's Handy Services, a home services business, is looking to make an impact in Springfield.

Owner Alex Neville-Verdugo started Lefty's Handy Services in March and is now hoping that a recent grant she received will help her grow her business and serve as a role model to young people to show them there is more than one career path.

Through Lefty's Handy Services, Neville-Verdugo provides services like interior painting, gutter cleaning and repair, landscaping, technology installation and more.

Recently, Lefty's received a $5,000 grant from Jobber Grants, a program that gave out grants to 25 home service businesses this year to help them grow their business and give back to the community. Neville-Verdugo plans to use this grant for welding classes, chimney classes and safety training.

"That grant was an amazing opportunity, everyone has been so sweet along the way and I feel very grateful for the opportunity to grow my education," Neville-Verdugo said.

Before Neville-Verdugo started Lefty's Handy Services she worked in the nonprofit field and loved it. She enjoyed her job but always wanted to start her own small business. Lefty's was just a side business at first, but after taking a leap she hasn't looked back.

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"It feels really great to help people make sure their houses are maintained and kept well," Neville-Verdugo said.

Neville-Verdugo said that she plans to host handy classes in the future to teach kids to see home services as a viable career path. She also plans to host adult classes as well.

"The trades are for everyone, if you don't think you can do it but want to give it a try, what's it hurt? Always shoot for your goals," Neville-Verdugo said.

Jobber is the leading provider of home service operations management software. On Aug. 9, it awarded 25 entrepreneurs with funds ranging from $2,500 to $15,000 to grow their small businesses.

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