Meet Australia's leading female Elvis Tribute Artist

STORY: This is ShElvis

Sheryl Scharkie is Australia’s leading female Elvis Tribute Artist

The 64-year-old nurse has been a fan of the late 'King of Rock 'n' Roll' since she was a kid

(Sheryl Scharkie, Elvis Tribute Artist)

"I still get a kick out of, I'll be in front of an audience and someone, you'll spot them, their eyes, they're just like yeah what's this going to be like, this is a female trying to sing Elvis. And as soon as I open my mouth, their jaw just drops and then they start getting into it. And once you see them just get involved in the music, gender disappears. It's no longer male or female ETA, gender just goes. So, that's the thrill."

Scharkie says her high school teachers didn’t know what to do with her deep voice

and so she was often given male parts to sing

She's now been performing as Elvis for nearly a decade

"I'm now in the international hall of fame, Elvis Tribute Artist Hall of Fame. So that's a thrill in itself. We've all got egos, I won't deny I've got an ego. I enjoy being up on that stage. I enjoy strutting my stuff and you can't say to me that any of the guys or entertainers don't have an ego. You’ve got to be able to put yourself into the vulnerable state, because you are. You're extremely vulnerable up on a stage."

(Shirley Stutchbury, Parkes Elvis Festival attendee)

"First time I saw her was last year and love her. We saw her at the club last night and that's why we're here this morning to hear some more of her, because she's so good. So good for the industry and amazing that she's representing the females."