Meet The Candidate: Theresa Coates Ellis For Manassas Mayor

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MANASSAS, VA — Manassas City Councilwoman Theresa Coates Ellis has lived and worked in the city of Manassas for more than 30 years.

Both Ellis, a Republican, and her opponent, Democrat Michelle Davis-Younger, are looking to ascend to the mayor’s office after one term on the city council. Manassas Mayor Hal Parrish, a Republican who decided not to seek a fourth term, announced his endorsement of Ellis in September.

Ellis has more than 30 years in healthcare management and runs Tackle Management Corp., a communications and marketing company she founded in Manassas. For many years, she has been active with service organizations and as a volunteer in Manassas.

Ellis sees how Manassas is facing a public health crisis, an education crisis and an economic crisis from the coronavirus pandemic and how these crises have impacted the city's businesses, families and the city's way of life. She plans to make addressing these issues a top priority if elected mayor.

Learn more about Ellis and why she is running for mayor of Manassas in 2020:


Theresa Coates Ellis

Age (as of Election Day)


Office Sought

Manassas City Mayor

Party Affiliation

Nominated by the Republican Party


Married with six adult daughters and one adult son.

George Ellis: husband, 60
Christoper Coates: 39
Allison Coates: 32
Christine Ellis: 31
Natalie Ellis: 28
Kathryn Coates: 27
Jillian Ellis: 26
Laura Coates: 25

Does anyone in your family work in politics or government?

Christopher, 18 years and active USAF


Bachelors in Business Communications from George Mason University, graduated Cum laude. George Mason University Alumna of the Year award 2019.


Small Business owner: Healthcare manager for more than 30 years. Tackle Management and Marketing, started in 2016.

Campaign Website

Previous or Current Elected or Appointed Office

  • Manassas City Council Member (2019-2022)

  • Assistant Governor Rotary District 7610, Area 6 (Manassas and Prince William County, 2018-2021)

  • Manassas Regional Airport Commission (2014-2018)

  • Volunteer of the Year 2016, Bull Run Rotary Club, City of Manassas

  • George Mason University Department of Communications Undergrad Alumna of the year 2019

The single most pressing issue facing our (board, district, etc.) is _______, and this is what I intend to do about it.

The City of Manassas is facing a public health crisis, an education crisis, and an economic crisis that has impacted our businesses, our families, and our way of life. The city needs a Mayor with the experience to create opportunity for our city and its diverse communities and a small business owner as mayor who will seek to improve the quality of life for everyone.

What are the critical differences between you and the other candidates seeking this post?

With the public health crisis, economic crisis, and the education crisis in mind, the people need someone who has a proven track record of leadership and understanding the hardships of others. My experience in healthcare management for over 30 years, a successful small business owner, and as someone who is been invested into the community through Manassas Education Foundation, Area Governor of the Rotary, All Saints Church, the Chamber of Commerce business community, and most importantly helping to create a sustainable ecosystem through the Bee City USA initiative, there should be no doubt in the mind of voters that the best leader to move Manassas Forward is with Theresa Coates Ellis as Mayor.

If you are a challenger, in what way has the current board or officeholder failed the community (or district or constituency)?

Mayor Hal Parrish has been an exceptional leader who has led our city for over twelve years, but he has announced he is retiring. He has endorsed my candidacy for Mayor because he believes in my plan to cast a new vision for the Office of Mayor.

What accomplishments in your past would you cite as evidence you can handle this job?

As a small business owner for more than 30 years in healthcare, management and marketing, as a mom to seven grown children, contributing to the city of Manassas has been a focus throughout my adult life. Meeting so many different people and supporting each other through good and bad times from so many backgrounds inspired me to give back and it is through their love and support that I have been able to fill so many different roles to continue serving them. Those roles include:

  • President, Inter-Service Club Council (ISCC) Greater Manassas Area (2017-2019)

  • Initiated as President of ISCC: the Annual Scholarship and Volunteer Fair

  • President, Bull Run Rotary Club, City of Manassas (2016)

  • Founder, “Shadow for a Day,” Job, Mentorship, Internship Community Program, 2018-present

  • Program Director, “Find Your Passion,” Career Education and Networking Program, 2018-present

  • Founder, Sponsor, Osbourn High School Student Media Team, Community. Connection Network (CCN), 2015-present

  • One Love Art and Music Festival, Manassas Committee, Historic Manassas, Inc.

  • Manassas City Public Schools Education Foundation, Marketing (2015-2018)

  • Manassas City Public Schools Career Technical Education Advisory Board (2015-2019)

  • George Mason University Community Speaker

  • Member Prince William Chamber of Commerce

  • All Saints Catholic Church Parishioner for more than 30 years

  • Patron Councilmember for Liberia House Gardens

  • Prince William Area Master Gardener certification from early 2000

  • Initiator Bee City USA Manassas program

  • Initiator of the Equity & Inclusion Task Force for the City of Manassas

  • Council liaison City of Manassas COVID-19 Economic Development Recovery Program

Why should voters trust you?

Because voters know that my life has been about service and people, not politics. It's been about meeting the needs of the diverse community that we have here in Manassas. Voters can look at the decades of deep and meaningful relationships that I have with others and how my interests have been the interests of the residents and helping to support them and ensure that resources are given to everyone to help them succeed.

If you win this position, what accomplishment would make your term in office as a success?

The Mayor position will be redefined. As a communicator, I will use my strengths to connect to our community as we move forward into recovery to prosper and thrive. Recovery of the multiple crises. For the public health crisis, we start a new program called "Healthy Together" that works to battle future pandemics and health concerns. Also continue to share the information about resources available to help families and small businesses either re-open or grow as they are the backbone of our economy.

What are your views on fiscal policy, government spending and the handling of taxpayer dollars in the office you are seeking?

We are at a crossroads in our city. Taxes are high, but roads need paving, schools need funding, and small businesses need to be supported. The city of Manassas needs a Mayor who will not push to raise taxes in a pandemic, and focuses on crafting a budget that still meets the needs of our community.

Do you support Black Lives Matter and what are your thoughts on the demonstrations held since the death of George Floyd and the shooting of Jacob Blake?

During this time of crisis we see humanity coming together to help their fellow man in a time of need. However, the tragic events that have happened over the last several months have shaken our communities to the core and threaten the good will that humankind has shown. We must continue to come together for the betterment of not only our community but humanity as we move forward together form a better.

What are your thoughts on the campaign to "defund" the police?

When it comes to public safety, the first priority is the protection of our residents, businesses, and our community as a whole. We must provide a qualified police force with a dedication to the safety of the community with valuable relationships and open communication. There must also be a continued process for accountability.

What are your thoughts on the state and national response to the coronavirus pandemic? Do you favor such measures as limiting operation of non-essential businesses or restricting indoor/outdoor dining? And do you favor a nationwide mask mandate?

Every day there is new information being reported about the coronavirus pandemic. We must balance the rights of individuals versus the public. This is challenging. However, shutting down businesses for months at a time has devastated not only our local economy, but state and national economies as well. I do agree with creative, safe operating procedures and the limited operation of non-essential workers, as we continue to move forward-together with a full opening and back to normal.

Is there any reason you would not serve your full term of office, other than those of health or family?

My home and heart belong to the City of Manassas and will continue to serve ALL the constituents of Manassas.

The best advice ever shared with me was:

"Everyone you meet is your constituent." Those words have inspired me and my view towards serving in any role. Especially when elected as mayor, everyone in Manassas is my constituent. Everyone deserves respect, courtesy and a chance to be heard. This is the motto that I live by.

What else would you like voters to know about yourself and your positions?

Our residents deserve the best candidate who would serve them during crisis and recovery. As councilwoman I have continued to lead as a communicator with the experience and vision that's needed to get everyone through this crisis to recovery and prosper again.


Facebook: Theresa Coates Ellis for Manassas


Twitter: TCoatesEllis

This article originally appeared on the Manassas Patch

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