Meet the candidates running for Warren County District 2 supervisor

Incumbent Crystal McIntyre, a Republican, is facing Democratic challenger Alfonso Valenzuela-Gumucio for Warren County District 2 supervisor in the general election.

To help voters, the Des Moines Register sent questions to area candidates running in contested races this year. Their answers have been lightly edited for length and clarity.

The Register did not send questionnaires to candidates in countywide uncontested races. They include Republicans Mark H. Snell for District 1 supervisor, Julie Daugherty for county treasurer, Jordyn Hill for county recorder and Douglas Eichholz for county attorney. Daugherty and Eichholz are incumbents.

Early voting begins Oct. 19 for the Nov. 8 election.

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Who is Crystal McIntyre?

Age: 52

Party: Republican

Where did you grow up? San Antonio, Texas

Current town of residence: Milo

Education: Served in the U.S. Army from 1988 to 1991; certified county supervisor

Occupation: Wife, mother and Warren County supervisor

Political experience and civic activities: Eight years as county supervisor; Sunday School teacher; kindergarten teacher

Who is Alfonso Valenzuela-Gumucio?

Age: 55

Party: Democrat

Where did you grow up? Santiago, Chile

Current town of residence: Rural Carlisle Education: Bachelor's in hotel management with a major in sales and marketing

Occupation: Realtor with Realty One Impact and farmer

Political experience and civic activities: Chair of the Warren County Historic Preservation Commission; board member of Preserve Iowa; former board member of the Carlisle Historical Society

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What do you believe to be the key issue facing residents in your county?

McIntyre: Rising costs of inflation.


  • Mismanagement of public funds

  • Lack of transparency

  • Lack of maintenance plans for public buildings, roads and bridges

  • Disregard for Iowa code 314 regarding public bids on county projects

  • Not following their own county zoning ordinance or land use plan

  • No regard for "true family farms” versus corporate farms

  • Future increases in property taxes

  • Residents on fixed incomes becoming food insecure and not being able to afford their own homes

  • Lack of opportunities in rural areas

  • Lack of amenities in rural areas like supermarkets, health cares facilities, child care facilities and mental health services

What new programs or initiatives, if any, would your office launch under your leadership?

McIntyre: A specific mental health initiative, a five-year budgetary plan for all county offices and address processes and storage efficiencies at the county.


  • Enforce the bidding process for county contracts

  • Require building permits

  • Increase registration fees on luxury items like RVs

  • Establish standards that ensure fire trucks and ambulances have access to developments

  • Require shelters at development entrances for school bus pick-up and drop-off

  • Clear description of responsibilities in homeowners' covenants

  • Preserve historic buildings, promoting restoration over demolitions

  • Promote investments in new business

  • Promote tourism at the county level

  • Create a new land use plan

  • Create a master plan that address waterway pollution, global warming and renewable energy sources

  • Limit the use of septic systems in private developments

  • Ensure transparency

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How would you manage rising personal costs for taxpayers while maintaining a budget that provides essential services to residents?

McIntyre: The county will have to look at moving and shifting departmental spending to different funding sources. In this economy, the department heads and the board will work on cuts so taxes are not raised on households.

Valenzuela-Gumucio: By cutting unnecessary services that waste money, such as mowing private ditches around the county. Raising sales taxes on tobacco, vaping products and firearms in the county. Have the county sheriff ticket people driving over the speed limit. Hire two code enforcement officers to make sure the county citizens abide by its rules — by fine collections the county would be able to pay for their salaries and get extra revenues. Create a developer impact fee that provides 2-5% of the total acres for park creation or its monetary equivalent for public projects that benefit the community such as child care facilities, park creation, park maintenance, or bike lanes andtrails.

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