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Mia Kirshner as Bethany

Kirshner, who has most recently been seen as Amanda Grayson on Star Trek: Discovery, is set to play Bethany, the owner of a successful financial services firm who goes too far in trying to secure her child's place in college. Aside from her recent role on Star Trek, Kirsher is probably best known as The L Word's Jenny and as Isobel Flemming-Saltzman from The Vampire Diaries.

Meet the Cast of Lifetime's College Admissions Scandal Movie

The college admissions scandal is one of the biggest headlines in years, so naturally, there's going to be a Lifetime movie about it! Simply titled The College Admissions Scandal, the Lifetime movie will have a fictionalized take on the real events surrounding "Operation Varsity Blues," which caught up several high-profile Hollywood stars and wealthy elites who had been taking illegal actions to get their children into college. Rather than portray the real-life characters in the scandal, Lifetime's movie will be telling a similar story that follows the same basic storyline, but with completely fictional characters rather than portraying the real-life people involved. Ahead, check out which actors will be bringing this story to life - and how one of them is connected to one of the real scandal's most high-profile people.