Meet the engineer turning waste plastic into paving slabs

Meet Kenyan engineer Nzambi Matee - her company turns recycled waste plastic into paving slabs.

Video Transcript

NZAMBI MATEE: Hi. My name is Nzambi, Nzambi Matee, and I'm the founder Gjenge Makers Limited. Our first project product line of pavers, which are used for sidewalks, footpaths, and driveways. Ours we produce using recycled waste plastic.

A bunch of friends of mine, we came together, and we were just tired. The government is not doing enough. The stakeholders are not doing enough. We as a people are not doing enough. So we started by collecting plastic waste within our estate, sorting them, and selling to recyclers.

We realized we were collecting more plastic than we were selling to recyclers. So that made us think, what more can we do? So we decided, why don't we start making pavers? Because that was, first of all, an easy entry to the market, and also the demand was high. We started in my mom's backyard, and my neighbors didn't like the process.


That's when we moved to the industrial part of Nairobi. And in 2020, we launched the product officially in the market.

Let's turn trash into cash.

We learned on the job. The more we did, the more we learned. The more we did, the more we learned. We hence became the masters of our own skill.

If you have a project, if you have an idea, if you have a solution that you feel that you can execute, you can solve that problem, just start, because the fear of the unknown tends to hold you back in starting. But once you start, it's home and dry.

So yeah. That's me. Au revoir.