Meet Fremont Mayoral Candidate Naz Mahika Khan

Bea Karnes
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FREMONT, CA — Fremont mayoral candidate Naz Mahika Khan makes her case to voters in a Q&A with Patch:

Age (as of Election Day)


City of Residence


Office Sought



I am a single military mom taking care of my senior parents. I had a dream of making America my home and Fremont had been the first city I lived and I love it because of it’s been a safe, clean, and family-oriented place. My son, Aamir Khan, is born in Fremont and attended Fremont Unified School District, now serving our country in the U.S Airforce. I am fully available, committed, and dedicated to serving my city.


Bachelor of Science in Business Management from University of Phoenix, San Jose CA.
Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Relations & Personnel Management, College of Vocational Studies, New Delhi, India


I am proud to have over 15 years of experience and knowledge in corporate banking, financial management, administration, and 30 years of communications media and community service. I am knowledgeable about State and Federal laws in the banking field and can easily relate to the city government.

When finding solutions to solve problems, I apply both logic and emotional aspects in equal proportion. I am trained in customer-facing financial leadership. I understand how to be analytical, maintain privacy policy, take accountability, be ethical, listen, empathize, detail, apply common sense, and execute findings promptly. From my creative skills, public speaking skills, hardship experience as a single parent, and extensive community involvement, I understand and have a friendly, respectful, personal approach to the problems and find the right solution for the needful. I am an excellent communicator and find it easy for me to relate to other people.

Campaign website

The single most pressing issue facing our city is _______, and this is what I intend to do about it.

COVID 19 ECONOMIC DOWNTURN. I intend to revive small & medium businesses by:
1. Making loans available at lower than market rates
2. Tap into the regional cloud for additional funding
3. Optimize city services targeted to small businesses like offering them professional advice, door delivery of city services for permits, licenses, etc.
4. Encourage localism, consumers to buy locally so that we have a more resilient and sustainable local economy
5. Promote Mental Health outreach. Small businesses had neglected area in the past.
I also would encourage and promote:
6. Start-Ups in Fremont
7. Bring corporations into Fremont and promote more local jobs
8. Training workshops, job fairs, and job placement end to end processes to help people back to jobs.

What are the critical differences between you and the other candidates seeking this post?

I am an immigrant from the Fiji Islands, a minority in Fremont city. I am more patriotic than any candidate in this race, a single military mom, letting my only son serve our country in the U.S Airforce. I take care of my senior parents. I have experienced hardship, and I find it easy for me to relate to other people.

I am not a career politician seeking any other office. I do not intimate staff; I am an excellent team player, peoples person, and compassionate. I have great work ethics, honesty, integrity, and common sense making people trust my decisions. I am an excellent listener.

I am grateful for what American has given me and want to give back to my City.

That is how I am different from all other candidates and my opponent.

If you are a challenger, in what way has the current officeholder failed the community

My opponent voted against more developments and later votes for 4500 more buildings in the Warm Springs area. In 2016 she stated she would improve congested traffic and overcrowded classrooms. Now we see more brick walls, smaller roads, congested traffic, schools that have ignored, and 2020 raising security concerns for schools. The crowded classrooms expected to be more crowded with our system being disturbed due to lack of leadership, direction, accountability, and transparency.

We have 608 homeless population in Fremont, increased by 27% since 2017 from 485. The city has a $3million allocated budget for the homeless population. It took four years to build a housing navigation center, costing $9.47, giving housing for 40 adults decreased to 25 due to COVID-19.

The city has wasted taxpayer money, poor planning, implementation, accountability, reporting, and transparencies on the project.

There's a problem with waste management, hygiene in our city, public restrooms, parks, and recreation in poor condition.

Describe the other issues that define your campaign platform

I wish to implement well-designed mini theme parks, work out machines, solar panels, more sports facilities in the parks, have clean, green eco-friendly bidet restrooms in all the parks, including dog parks. Build more state of the art schools. Also, a smart community for the homeless population away from residential and downtown areas. I wish to provide an allocated land area for individual living spaces and privacy within the correct measure, budget, and threshold. This is where my opponent's planning, implementation, accountability, and transparencies failed. I want middle-class families to afford housing in Fremont, I will work on programs to fit first-time homebuyers, more percentage of housing for low income, increase in pay to meet the standard of living. Seniors to live close to grandchildren and no one is priced out.
I will not take four years to ask for feedback or involvement like my opponent, who started putting signs as soon as I started talking about parks. My constituents will be part of my journey and creative work process from the start.

What accomplishments in your past would you cite as evidence you can handle this job?

My knowledge, ethical standard, honesty, and skills made my company believe in my ability in which the department took my initiatives and released an internal news alert to the entire retail level on policies and procedures on how to handle certain documentations to avoid losses.
I have helped both banks and clients from losing thousands of dollars, reputations, businesses, and relationships both nationally and internationally.

I have achieved pinnacle awards, top customer service manager awards, and three consecutive years star of excellence awards in my professional career. I am a recipient of community service awards.

That's why I am running to bring fresh ideas and real change in a non-biased manner and a non-division manner. I will bring clarity and accountability in the system and transparencies in the budget.

If you win this position, what accomplishment would make your term in office as a success?

If I win, I will improve waste management in the entire city and maintain a clean city. Implement well-designed mini theme parks, work out machines, add sports facilities in the parks where needed. I will have clean, green eco-friendly bidet restrooms in all the parks, including dog parks. Build a homeless community away from the city and residential areas, also a state of the art school. Affordable housing, and bring unity in diversity through creative arts and entertainment hubs. That will be my success.

Why should voters trust you?

As a financial industry leader, I have knowledge and experience of working with people from all works of life, understanding their day-to-day hardships, future needs, plans for their children’s education, life changing events (birth, deaths, and divorces), and concerns of seniors. I understand how the bureaucratic system can elevate mental health issues and frustrations.
As a Cultural Committee director, I have experience and knowledge in planning, coordination, logistics, budget, fundraising, and working with communities. I wish to bring fresh ideas that our city be for everyone with a roof over their heads, and no one should be priced out. I will find solutions for the homeless (whom I call The Lost Dreamers) populations.

Coming from a peaceful, friendly, green, small Fiji Islands country, I am non-bias and I create no division. I have no personal gains. I am fully committed and have all the energy to bring diverse unity and seize opportunities. I am ready to partner with the right experts to work together for a beautiful, clean, eco-friendly, and prosperous Smart Model City.

The best advice ever shared with me was ...

Be fair, ethical, and honest at all times, even if no one is watching. Work hard, have realization and consciousness with a good heart and a clear mind. Truth prevails, and Karma bites.

What else would you like voters to know about yourself and your positions?

If elected, I will not let anyone down, and I will not falter. I will work hard with a clear mind and a good heart to improve the quality of life. I will keep our community clean and safe. Young generations to be more involved and seniors closer where discrimination is dead for good, and no one is priced out. I will work hard for people to visit, invest, and live like a paradise with unity, peace, and a sustainable economy. Together we will transform our city into a State of the art Model City.

This article originally appeared on the Fremont Patch