Meet the French DJ Who Ruined the Hamptons' Fourth of July

Meet the French DJ Who Ruined the Hamptons' Fourth of July

The good people of the Hamptons, the Shangri-La beachside escape for New Yorkers of means and linen pants, were cruelly let down this weekend when Cedric Gervais, a famous French DJ, failed to show up and play his one really famous song, which involves no live instruments and is just a thinly-veiled reference to the drug Ecstasy. Even worse, he ditched them for the Midwestern hoi polloi of Chicago's Wavefront Music Festival. 

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"Just a few days before the gig, which had been heavily publicized and was sold out, Gervais canceled . . . Expensive hotel rooms had been booked. It was embarrassing for the organizers," a source told Page Six You hear that? Expensive hotel rooms had been booked! In the Hamptons, where the summer season traditionally begins with the Fourth of July weekend, a cancellation like this could well lead to a state of emergency. That Kardashian hanger-on Jonathan Cheban was hosting the party only makes matters worse.

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What people were wanting to see was for Gervais to play the biggest hit of his career, a 2012 jam called "Molly" <strike>feat. Siri</strike>, a not-that-veiled reference to the drug MDMA:

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Gervais's other hits include "Things Can Only Get Better" and "Ready or Not" (451,000 YouTube hits and counting). That apparently entitles him to treat scheduled appearances with a superstar's carelessness.  

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"When you are working with a world-famous DJ . . . you expect them to be professional. What DJ Cedric Gervais did . . . was not professional at all," said Zach Erdem, owner of 75 Main, a Southampton restaurant, bar and lounge, not to mention apparent shrine to house music. 

Gervais excuse is that he wanted to prepare for Wavefront, telling Page Sixers that they were misinformed by Erdem.

Those Chicago music fans got the full Gervais, which apparently consisted of a sassy Q&A, according to a review by Chicago Now: 

"Do you know where I can find Molly?"  Cedric Gervais chose to ask a slightly more tongue in cheek question Friday (though the answer was equally as obvious). "She makes me want to dance" roared the crowd in what became the most call-and-response moment of day one.

"Erdem, who claims the venue incurred about $100,000 in losses, said he plans to sue," Page Six adds. Meanwhile, New Yorkers who were savvy enough to stay in the city over the sweltering weekend could have partied with Nicki Minaj. So there.

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