Meet Glam Screen, the smartphone cover that doubles as a mirror

Brad Reed
Meet Glam Screen, the smartphone cover that doubles as a mirror

Have you ever tried to comb your hair or apply makeup while looking at your reflection on your smartphone? How about all those women that try and use the reflective Apple logo on the back of their iPhones? Jonathan Cheban — yes, Kim Kardashian’s best friend — has created Glam Screen, the first smartphone screen cover that doubles as an HD mirror. How does this contraption work? Well, it looks like a mirror when your smartphone is off but is so thin that it won’t block your display when your smartphone lights up. That’s kind of brilliant. Glam Screen is selling for $24.99 for smartphones and $34.99 for tablets. It’s available for the iPhone, iPad, HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4, among other devices and Jonathan tells us Glam Screen is working on a bunch more fashion-focused mobile products that are set to be released soon.

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