Meet Japan's first esports team comprised entirely of elders

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A Japanese esports team is proving that gaming is truly for all ages.

Just a number: Based in Akita, Matagi Snipers are Japan’s first sponsored, professional esports team made of all seniors, aged 66 to 73, according to Kotaku.

  • Of the 21 applicants, only eight made it through based on their aptitude for gaming, even if they’ve never played before.

  • Such is the case for team member Eba, 67, who said that she noticed the benefits gaming has on her cognitive abilities, hand-eye coordination, communication with her teammates and keeping her senses engaged and alert.

  • Two spots are also reserved for “junior” members who are 65 or younger, according to The Mainichi.

  • The members have been training three times a week since July and are currently gearing up for their first livestream on either YouTube or Twitch in October, according to NHK.

  • Like their namesake, Matagi Snipers will focus on shooting games.

Health-conscious and beyond: One of Matagi Snipers’ goals is to use esports to maintain and improve an elder’s health, prevent dementia and give them a means of impressing their grandchildren, according to its website.

  • The website also states that their team is the fifth professional team comprised of senior citizens. One of those spots belongs to Sweden’s Silver Snipers, who specialize in “Counter-Strike” (“CS: GO”).

  • In a Sept. 21 press conference, one unidentified member, who is aiming for the global stage, excitedly said, "I want to spread my wings around Japan and the world."

  • Another member, going by the screenname “Mr. Kita,” said, “I'm doing my best and having fun every day. I'll try hard to become the very best as a professional player.”

  • Beyond streaming, the team plans to compete starting April 2022.

Featured Image via 時事通信映像センター

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