Meet Karen, TikTok’s favorite belligerent emu who never stops attacking her owner

Screengrabs from @useless_farm's TikTok videos
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Rule No. 1: Don’t turn your back on Karen.

It’s a necessary precaution for TikToker Amanda, who runs @useless_farm, an account with nearly 5 million followers.

Much of her audience is watching for one reason: Amanda’s barbarous, unrelenting emu named Karen.

“(She) hates me with every fiber of her being,” Amanda told CTV News. “She takes her job of stomping out my life very seriously.”

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In many of Amanda’s viral videos, Karen makes the same tactical move — to attack her owner with her back turned, filming. Somehow, Amanda always seems to stick her hand out just in time to block the blow.

“Everytime you post I’m both happy and surprised to see you alive,” one person joked on Amanda’s video.

The TikTok farmer is based in Ontario, Canada, but has a worldwide audience with over 158 million likes on her videos.

Amanda’s self-proclaimed “useless farm” includes two emus, three alpacas, a mini donkey, a mini horse, a horse and 13 peacocks, according to Narcity. It wasn’t originally what she planned, Amanda told the outlet.

“We definitely did not set out to do this. This is just a weird turn of events, but here we are,” she told Narcity. “We’re not a rescue or a sanctuary, we aren’t registered as such, but it’s just kind of a retirement home for nonsense animals.”

Amanda’s second emu, Stanley, makes up for Karen’s murderous nature, she shows in her videos. Despite the at-times arduous relationship between her and Karen, Amanda assured her viewers that she loves all her animals.

“There’s so much nonsense and so much fun stuff that happens every day that has me in stitches all the time and I just really wanted to share that with everybody else,” Amanda told CTV News.

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