Meet Little Dorrit, the lamb who thinks she's a dog


LONDON — This is a tale of Little Dorrit, a lamb that wants to be a dog.

Little Dorrit lives on a farm in County Kilkenny, Ireland, with her best friend, a dog called Bear. Her life revolves around frolicking in fields, hanging with the canines and occasionally getting stuck in an empty feed bag.

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Little Dorrit has been doing everything in her power to be accepted as a dog this week, but she sadly seems to have failed at the most import hurdle - convincing the farmyard cat.

Her exploits on a sheep farm are recorded by a blanket-designing shepherd on Vine.

She responds to her owner's call like a dog.

She loves playing with her canine friends, even if she can't disguise her lamblike gait

Whatever the dogs are doing, Little Dorrit wants in.

Little Dorrit and Bear even eat out of the same bucket

When the dogs are off on a mission, she'll drop everything to join in.

If the dogs are having a drink, she's right there with them.

Sadly, though, she doesn't fool anyone - least of all Ovenmitt the cat.

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