Meet The Man Who Ran From Disneyland To Disney World

Don Muchow, 59, is the first person to run from Disneyland in California to Disney World in Florida.

Video Transcript

- Now at 5:30, a real life Forrest Gump. Can you believe it? A Texas man has just finished a cross country run.

- He started at Disneyland in California and ended at Walt Disney World in Orlando, all of it to raise awareness for diabetes. Reporter Matt Lupoli has the story.


DON MUCHOW: I had no idea.

MATT LUPOLI: Until he heard the cheers, Don Muchow didn't know what to expect.

DON MUCHOW: A security guard said, oh, are you the runner? I thought, oh my God. Here's the escort off Disney property.

MATT LUPOLI: He ran from Disneyland in California to Disney World in Florida, and, getting a big welcome at the Magic Kingdom, he felt his spirit lifted.

DON MUCHOW: I love you guys. This is the best surprise in the world.

MATT LUPOLI: Don's 59. He's an Iron Man athlete from Texas, and he's nearing the finish line of a truly cross country run. He planned to start at the Pacific and end in the Atlantic Ocean. Stopping at the Disney Parks was a happy accident born from a conversation with a confused friend.

DON MUCHOW: And he said, well, so I assume you're running from Disneyland to Disney World? And I hadn't actually thought about it that way.

MATT LUPOLI: As a fan, though, including Disney was a great fit, and he says, the push he needed to finish the last leg.

DON MUCHOW: I've just been on cloud nine since then.

MATT LUPOLI: His biggest motivator, though, the reason he's running about 2,800 miles across the country, he wants to show his type 1 diabetes isn't holding him back. And after decades of defying limitations from the disease, he wants to prove to others they can too.

DON MUCHOW: Make that choice rather than the choice of fear.

MATT LUPOLI: After seeing all the sights a run across America has to offer--

DON MUCHOW: I'm start to sort of ride that wave of hope to the shore.

MATT LUPOLI: --he's looking forward to taking in this one to finish off his journey.

- And that was Matt Lupoli reporting. If you're wondering how he did it, Muchow ran about 32 miles a day with a break every 10 days until he reached all 2,800 miles.