Meet Miss Texas Chandler Foreman

What she has accomplished makes her a Ones For Texas honoree during Black History Month.

Video Transcript

- Well, it is Black History Month, and at CBS 11, it is our continuing honor to highlight African Americans making a difference in the community and, in many cases, breaking down barriers. Our CBS 11's-- CBS 11 promotions team introduces us today to Chandler Forman, and what she has accomplished makes her a ones for Texas.

- [INAUDIBLE] Miss Texas, Chandler Foreman.

CHANDLER FOREMAN: Hello. I am Miss Texas, Chandler Foreman.

I'm very proud of where I grew up. I'm very proud of everything that made me who I am today. For the first nine years of my life, I did grow up in the inner city of Houston. I'm just happy to actually be here as a representation of what true family values, what support really looks like, and what hard work and just having a team that supports you. I think that's what really represents Texan values as well, which aligns with my foundation.

When I stepped into this journey of competing, of community, of service, I gained a whole new perspective of really what life is about my purpose-- my God-anointed purpose, actually. Growing up, I never saw images looking like me representing as Miss Texas or Miss America. I didn't see that many visuals that represented, like I said, where I grew up.

We all know in this age of body positivity-- I come from a family with strong genetics, and that was something that-- another thing that I faced where I've always been-- I've had an athletic, muscular build. And I just knew that, man, my size is not represented often being a Black woman, being a curvy, authentic Black woman. So I knew that it challenged me to bring out every aspect, everything-- like I said, the foundation I grew up on, my real-life Black heroes, the ones that I grew up with-- my sister, my mother as well.

Every day does go on, but as long as you're better than you are yesterday and you are challenging yourself, you're challenging those around you, it has been quite the journey.

Black history is our history.