Meet the Omaha man behind The Lunchbox: Packed with Pop Culture

As a student at Creighton University, Mark Kelehan got his start collecting lunchboxes 30 years ago with an iconic arcade character. "I went to a flea market on Radial Highway and I walked in there and saw a Pac-Man lunchbox — so I bought it, and that got me on this journey to figure out what other lunch boxes were out there," Kelehan reflected. As he learned more about the market, he decided he didn't just want a voluminous collection, but sought out one-of-a-kinds and complementary pieces of history. "A lot of what makes Mark's collection unique is the artwork that is displayed here," Jessica Brummer, director of communications at The Durham Museum, explained. She said it's unique to have a collection from an Omaha resident on display. The exhibit is called The Lunchbox: Packed with Pop Culture.