Meet one of Morocco's meteorite hunters

Meet one of Morocco's meteorite hunters

who spends months roaming sand dunes for samples

Location: Tamri, Agadir


"As nomads we scan the area for a month, we sometimes find them and sometimes we don't. When we find a meteorite we complete a technical card for it, record the GPS coordinates of the place where it was found and take a picture of it at the exact spot where we found it."

Meteorites are prevalent in Morocco

and help expand scientific research

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) PROFESSOR IN THE DEPARTMENT OF GEOLOGY AT IBN ZOHR UNIVERSITY AND FOUNDER OF THE UNIVERSITY MUSEUM OF METEORITES, ABDERRAHMANE IBHI, SAYING:"More than 50% of the meteorites that are in international museums or international laboratories were found in Morocco. They are very important meteorites that give great scientific information. On this basis, we decided to establish this museum in 2016 and it has three roles, the first is scientific research, we are trying to develop scientific research at Ibn Zohr University and we have doctors who obtained their doctorate in scientific research."

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