Meet the owners of some rather unusual collections

STORY: Meet the proud owners of some rather unusual collections

This is one of the largest collections of clocks in India

Location: Indore, India

Anil Bhalla's family has collected clocks for three generations

He is now in his seventies and has a collection of around 650 clocks

Most of the clocks in his collection are originals

Meet Hungary’s 'Teddy Bear Mama'

who has collected over 20,000 teddy bears

Location: Harsany, Hungary

Valeria Schmidt enjoys organizing events for children

to play with her collection of furry friends

This elderly Lionel Messi superfan went viral

for keeping handwritten notes of nearly every goal scored by the Barcelona star

Hernan Mastrangelo’s hobby caught people’s imagination

after his grandson Julian posted about it on social media

Word even reached the striker himself

who sent a video message of appreciation