Meet the Queens of 'Drag Race España' Season 3

Drag Race España
Drag Race España

We’re so ready for more Drag Race España!

Meet the Queens of Drag Race España Season 3

Supremme De Luxe is ready to welcome a fierce new slate of Spain-based drag performers to compete on Drag Race España season three.

After two wildly successful seasons, Drag Race España has become one of the most beloved international shows within the RuPaul’s Drag Race franchise. Not only is the caliber of queens always top-notch, but the panel of judges and the production value on the show are also very impressive.

Season three will once again feature 12 queens, with a cast that includes an AFAB (assigned female at birth) contestant and queens from other countries like Mexico and Venezuela. The main lineup of judges – Ana Locking, Javier Ambrossi, and Javier Calvo alongside De Luxe – are also back for the third season.

Scroll through to meet the queens of Drag Race España season three, which premieres April 16 on WOW Presents Plus.


Drag Race España on Instagram: "💥 Empezamos el #MeetTheQueens a lo @soymuybestiah 💅🏼 Viene directa de la cuna del chonismo, y tiene chulería para dar, tomar y repartir. 🚀 Si te subes a su nave encontrarás Rock and Roll, rebeldía y fuego. #DragRaceES"

Instagram: @soymuybestiah

Bestiah has enough swagger to give, take, and share. The wildest queen of season 3 of Drag Race España. Expect the unexpected with Bestiah, as she embodies rock ‘n’ roll, energy, rebellion, fire, dreams, and nightmares. Her drag is very creative with references that range from religious imagery to icons like KISS and David Bowie.

Chanel Anorex

Drag Race España on Instagram: "⚡Os presentamos a la Monster Queen de la temporada, @chanelanorex 🐍¿Un poquito bicha? Nah, sólo JUSTA. 👠Ha venido a #DragRaceES a demostrar que se puede ir guapa sin lentejuelas. #MeetTheQueens"

Instagram: @chanelanorex

The monster queen of the season. Her references can range from Jurassic Park to Power Rangers, and from Barbie to Whitney Houston. She is fun and unpredictable and her strengths are makeup and creativity. Provocative and dark, she comes to Drag Race España to reach for your heart...and eat it.

Clover Bish

Drag Race España on Instagram: "💥La primera mujer cis de #DragRaceEs, mariliendres. Ella es nuestra DIVA , @cloverbishhh 😜Le da igual dejarse el c*ño con tal de dar un buen Lip Sync. 💪Ha venido a demostrar que las mujeres pueden hacer Drag y ¡MUY BIEN! #MeetTheQueens"

Instagram: @cloverbishhh

She is the first cis woman to participate in Drag Race España and defines herself as the personification of an empowered diva. Clover is inspired by female rappers and R&B singers from the ‘90s to the present. She’s passionate about dancing and is a lip sync assassin. Although she has only been doing drag for nine months, she has come to show that “it is not about the future of drag, but the present.”

Drag Chuchi

Drag Race España on Instagram: "🍌 Ay cariñes que ya tenemos a la Drag canaria de esta season de #DragRaceES. ¡La @dragchuchi ! 🪐El mundo chuchi es ✨fantasioso ✨, y ella un poquito ambigua y muy andrógino. Pero ¡no se la pierdan! #MeetTheQueens"

Instagram: @dragchuchi

Drag Chuchi defines herself as a little ambiguous, very androgynous, but above all, very artistic. The world of Drag Chuchi is a fantasy world. “Chuchi party, Chuchi sexy, Chuchi naked…” that's how they speak in the world of Chuchi. She has stage presence, knows how to sing and dance, and has come to Drag Race España to break the mold so that the world knows what real Canarian drag is.

Hornella Góngora

Drag Race España on Instagram: "👠¡La reina del electro-cabaret en #DragRaceES! 🪐En el planeta de @missgongora no faltará el humor. 🤪¿Su lema? go big or go home! Idiomas querides. #MeetTheQueens"

Instagram: @missgongora

Hornella is the queen of electro cabaret and describes her style as “electric- fashion-chaos.” Her strengths are her makeup skills and personality. On the planet Hornella, a lot of humor is abundant. She has come to Drag Race España to prove that she can do anything… and to make a payday and buy a little apartment in Benidorm.

Kelly Roller

Instagram: @kellyroller_

From Torremolinos, Kelly is a funny and charismatic dancer, singer, performer, and well-rounded drag queen. She is a superstar at skating. She has come to Drag Race España to surprise everyone and give her all. Nobody beats her and she has been roller skating at the speed of light, ready to fight for the crown and become the first queen on skates in the world.

María Edilia

Instagram: @lamariaedilia

María is the “plus-size-comedy-vintage-and-everything-that-is-needed” queen of this third season. Being an authentic soap opera villain is one of her great passions; makeup, comedy, elegance, improvisation, and security are her strengths. Her ambition is to fulfill her dream to show that a plus-size queen can win and prove to herself that it is never too late to move on.


Drag Race España on Instagram: "✨¡Quita, quita, que llega la @pakitaspain ! ✨ 💥Como ella dice, donde hay pelo hay alegría, así que sujétense las pelucas. 🙏La Drag todopoderosa de #DragRaceES, como su referente, la mismísima Virgen María. #MeetTheQueens"

Instagram: @pakitaspain

Pakita’s drag is mischievous and on her planet, you’ll find hair, hair and more hair, because “where there is hair there is joy.” According to her, “what you see is what you get.”

Pink Chadora

Drag Race España on Instagram: "🌍¡Nuestra muñecota rural is here! 💅🏼En el planeta de @pinkchadora hay mucho glitter y sentido común. 😜¿Qué puede salir mal teniendo como referentes a Lola Flores y a Sonia y Selena? #MeetTheQueens #DragRaceES"

Instagram: @pinkchadora

Pink Chadora is a rural doll from a small town but has great ambitions. She was inspired by Mayra Gómez Kemp, Lola Flores, Sonia, and Selena. She is willing to get out of her comfort zone and show that there are fresh voices in drag beyond the familiar faces of Madrid and Barcelona. On Planet Pink Chadora, you’ll find prettiness, glitter and above all, common sense.


Drag Race España on Instagram: "✨ YAS! Nuestra reina modista de #DragRaceES; @pititaqueen es su propio maniquí. 🌈 Donde el resto ven constelaciones, ella ve patrones. 👠 En su espacio no puede faltar un buen out wear. #MeetTheQueens #DragRaceES"

Instagram: @pititaqueen

Pitita adores good taste, good banter, good work, and even more so, a good time. Fashion is her oxygen. She is considered one of the most hard-working and prepared queens in the country, and her strengths are her looks, which always tell stories, and her meticulous lipsyncs.

Vania Vainilla

Drag Race España on Instagram: "🧶La comedy queen de la temporada chiques, @vaniavainillaoficial . 👑Viene a #DragRaceES con un solo objetivo: llevarse la corona de #DragRaceES. Ah, y ligarse ¡al pet crew! 🪐¡Os espera en P(l)utón! #MeetTheQueens"

Instagram: @vaniavainillaoficial

The comedy queen of this season! Her goal on the show, aside from taking the crown, is to hook up with the entire Pit Crew. She has been doing drag all her life, burning down Zaragoza, Ibiza, and Madrid, and is coming to Drag Race España to turn it out.


Drag Race España on Instagram: "🔥 ¡Agárrense chingonas! Llega @visa_dragqueen , nuestra latina más caliente y fogosa. ✨Picosa como el chilli, en su planeta no pueden faltar unas buenas plumas y brillos. #MeetTheQueens #DragRaceES"

Instagram: @visa_dragqueen

The “fiery dancer of this season.” On her planet, you can find feathers, sparkles, and spice. On Drag Race España, she wants to give visibility to all migrants and impact the world with her body, her preparation, and her looks.