Meet Russia's 79-year-old ice skater

This is Russia's 79-year-old skating granny

(SOUNDBITE) (Russian) 79 YEARS OLD ICE SKATER, LYUBOV MOREKHODOVA, SAYING:"(LAUGHING) Why do I like it? Because my heart longs for it!'''

Lyubov Morekhodova lives alone

on the banks of the famous Lake Baikal

and takes to the ice every single day

(SOUNDBITE) (Russian) 79 YEARS OLD ICE SKATER, LYUBOV MOREKHODOVA, SAYING:"I need them to run errands and just for fun. To have a skate or to look for my cows. I can ice skate here and there, while walking through the snow is hard. I skated there, had a look - the cows were not there, so I skated that way and saw they were roaming near the mountain. Called them and they returned home. Just like that. And even without any errands, I go ice skating when I want to."

Location: Irkutsk, Russia

She still wears a pair of skates

her father made her when she was a child

using saw and pieces of wood


"Baikal is the best thing in the world. It is pristine, virgin nature. It beats everything, everything."

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