Meet the Suprême: The new, cream-filled croissant that's going viral and 'worth the hype'

There's a new pastry in town. And it's taking over the internet.

Meet the Suprême: a heavenly, cream-filled croissant that debuted at New York City's Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery in April.

Some describe the round pastry as the next cronut, the mouthwatering croissant-donut hybrid that dates back to 2013 – with others maintaining the new, flaky-treat is "worth the hype."

Pain au Chocolat and Pistachio Suprêmes.
Pain au Chocolat and Pistachio Suprêmes.

The Suprême has garnered countless fans in-person and across social media in recent months. The croissant has become viral on TikTok, Instagram and more – with many sharing footage of biting into or tearing apart the delicious pastry. Customers have also reportedly lined up outside the New York bakery hours before opening in hopes of getting their hands on one.

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"I don't think ever in our dreams we imagined a line like this hours before opening. It's been pretty crazy," Lafayette's executive pastry chef Scott Cioe told the Today Show with Hoda and Jenna last week, adding that the bakery has to limit each customer to two Suprêmes.

Cioe also broke down the creation, made from a team led by him and boulanger James Belisle, on Today. Each Suprême is made with croissant dough that is molded to get its round shape. After it's baked and cooled, each pastry is filled with a pastry cream, depending on its flavor.

Rose Berry Spritz Suprême
Rose Berry Spritz Suprême

"We can tell you it's a 3-day process – not easy to say the least. A lot of care goes into making everything from scratch using only the best quality ingredients," Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery said in a media release emailed to USA TODAY Thursday.

Lafayette added that it "took about a month or so for the word to get out" about the Suprêmes, and that social media interest skyrocketed after a TikTok video of the pastry went viral.

"I think the highest form of praise has been that it’s 'worth the hype.' It’s also always good to hear customers say 'tastes as good as it looks!'" Cioe said in a statement sent to USA TODAY.

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Lafayette has released flavors including chocolate, pistachio, rose berry spritz and more. This month's Suprême is Peaches N' Crème, available until Aug. 31. On Sept. 1, Lafayette says, a new flavor will be unveiled.

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Lafayette Bakery in New York City going viral for Suprême croissant