Meet The Bride Dreading Her Wedding Day... Because She’s Afraid of Cake

A bride-to-be is dreading her wedding day because she’s afraid of cake. Yes, really.

Rachel Lee, 28, from Featherstone, West Yorkshire, has a phobia of the treat after a traumatic childhood experience. She was sick after eating a bit of sponge cake when she was just nine months old and has been scared of cake ever since.

Her phobia is so bad that she can’t bear walking down the cake aisle in the shop where she works and has a panic attack if presented with one. So you can see why this is an issue as weddings tend to have cakes…


A pretty weird phobia, but one that’s affected this bride-to-be’s life considerably. [Photo: SWNS]

On the eve of her wedding to fiancé Ben Child, 27, she wants help to cure her phobia in time for the big day so she can have a proper wedding cake.

“I can’t be in the same room as one,” she said. “If someone walks past me with a piece of cake and they come close I start crying and shaking.

“I literally freeze on the spot if I can’t get away. I have known myself to jump over chairs to get away. The smell of a cake cooking is enough to make me violently sick and I can’t go up to a counter in a cafe or shop to order food if there are cakes.


People are afraid of the strangest things - as Rachel Lee proves. [Photo: SWNS]

“I’ll ask my partner to go, and if I’m on my own I’ll ask strangers to order for me. I can’t go down the cake aisle in a supermarket. No way. I can’t cope with that many cakes around me. I’m a black belt in kickboxing and I would honestly rather fight six blokes than eat a bit of cake.

“People think you don’t come into contact with cake that much in everyday life, but you do. Just seeing someone eating it messily on TV is like a horror movie for me.”

Rachel remembers shaking and crying when cake was shared out at a friend’s birthday party when she was five years old.

But she has a back-up plan. If she doesn’t conquer her fear before her wedding, she will have a three-tier rice crispy square as her wedding cake.

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