Meet All the Women Competing on ‘The Bachelor’ Season 24 (PureWow)

Here’s a complete list of the women who may appear on season 24 (the list will undoubtedly shrink once a few skeletons in the closet become public):

Sydney H, Birmingham, Alabama
Lauren J, Los Angeles, California
Maurissa G, Atlanta, Georgia
Savanah M, Houston, Texas
Shiann L, Las Vegas, Nevada
Victoria F, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Tammy L, Syracuse, New York
Eunice C, Chicago, Illinois
Avonlea E, Fort Worth, Texas
Hannah Ann S, Knoxville, Tennessee
Deandra K, Plano, Texas
Madison P, Birmingham, Alabama
Jasmine N, Houston, Texas
Courtney P, Venice, Florida
Hayley H, Los Angeles, California
Jade M, Mesa, Arizona
MyKenna D, British Columbia, Canada
Jenna S, New Lenox, Illinois
Victoria P, Alexandria, Louisiana
Kylie R, Los Angeles, California
Alayah B, San Antonio, Texas
Megan H, Daly City, California
Alexa C, Chicago, Illinois
Katrina B, Chicago, Illinois
Kelley F, Chicago, Illinois
Kelsey W, Des Moines, Iowa
Sarah C, Knoxville, Tennessee
Lauren M, Miami, Florida
Payton M, Wellesley, Massachusetts
Lexi B, New York City
Kirra N, Roswell, Georgia
Natasha P, New York City
Alexis T, British Columbia, Canada 

And there they are, ladies and gentlemen. Now all we need is a premiere date. We’re talking to you, Chris Harrison.

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