Meg McNamara Has Your Updated Forecast

Meg McNamara Has Your Updated Forecast

Video Transcript

MEG MCNAMARA: Lots to look forward to this week, including these warmer temperatures. So it was gray, it was rainy, and it was very cold. Now, it is still cold. We haven't quite ditched the cold temperatures yet. But just give us a few hours and we are going to be cruising into the upper 50s today.

Winds are calm. Such a sight for sore eyes. Because when we have that combination of chilly temperatures and blustery winds, it just makes it feel pretty darn brutal out there. So happy to report those have certainly calmed on down. We are at 0 right now at BWI.

So the weekend-- generally, we're talking mid to upper 50s for today. And then even more progress. We are going to be in the upper 60s for tomorrow. On the Futurecast-- so we're jumping the timestamp forward here to 6 o'clock tonight. We will have enjoyed a lovely dose of sunshine all through the day today before the clouds move in tonight. And they do kind of take over overnight.

However, the timing not too bad. Because here we are, mid-morning on our Easter Sunday, and we've already ditched the clouds once again. So sunshine to follow. Mainly today and tomorrow looking on the bright side.

Temperatures-- so we're headed for the mid 50s here at BWI. The high yesterday was 47 degrees. So today we are certainly taking a step up. We are still, though, not quite normal for this time of year. The normal high is 60. We are not going to be there. And yet, tomorrow, we're going to be even past that.

Tonight, much milder than what we had. So only dipping down into the upper 30s, all of us staying above freezing. There's our high of 67 for Easter Sunday. Hopefully, you're feeling the same way that the Easter Bunny is feeling about it, excited.

And then looking ahead to Monday here, more solid sunshine, a high of 70. What changes on Tuesday is that we reintroduce a chance for a couple of showers into the forecast here. And none of these days, though, are looking like total, you know, washes out or anything like that. But we do have some chances for rain, including for the Orioles home opener. It looks like some isolated shower activity. You can bet I have my eye on Thursday. I'll keep you posted every step of the way.

- Stay focused. Keep it in sight.