Meg McNamara Has Your Updated Forecast

Meg McNamara Has Your Updated Forecast

Video Transcript

MEG MCNAMARA: We're jacked about spring and jacked about the start of spring because the forecast is looking fabulous. Sunny , dry, temperatures today, we're going to be in the upper 50s. Tomorrow, the low 60s. So lots of reasons to be in a good mood. Temperatures here. 28 right now at BWI. 25 in Frederick. Now, you'll notice spring is not starting off on a warm note. It is a frigid beginning of the season. But we really improve from here. However, if you are going to be out and about this morning, definitely bundle up.

You don't want to be out and about today though without your sunglasses either because we're talking pretty much solid sunshine. 28 right now at BWI. Annapolis, you're the hot spot there. 36 degrees. Good for you. So this high pressure in control of things, keeping it just so lovely out there. So we're going to see solid sunshine not just today, but tomorrow as well and even beyond that. You'll notice, for now, these winds are out of the north. They're going to be shifting though to the south as we start to pull in some more mild air.

And the Futurecast. So yep, that time stamp, it's moving forward. But the only change I have to show you arrives Monday here, when we see a few clouds, just a few moving in. Monday though is still looking mostly sunny. Here we are today. So a high of 57 degrees. Southeast winds right around 4 to 8 miles an hour. Tonight, we're going to be down in the low 30s, but it is going to be warmer than what we had last night and what we're experiencing this morning.

Our 7-day day forecast. So there's that high 57 for today. And then we just jump into the 60s. Low 60s to start off and then some mid to upper 60s after that. We do have a couple chances for some spring showers. I think Wednesday night into Thursday there, there could be a little bit of wet weather.