Meg McNamara Has Your Updated Forecast

Meg McNamara Has Your Updated Forecast

Video Transcript

MEG MCNAMARA: So we do have a beautiful second half of the weekend, and beautiful first Sunday of spring. Our weather watchers, they are so ready for spring. So they were with us through the winter, tracking the snow. But I'm so excited that they are now tracking sunshine.

So let's see who has 29 degrees. Gary, Gary. Oh my goodness, I love this throwback photo here. Nothing like a great redhead, you know? Sunshine there in Annapolis. So thank you so much for that.

George, let's see. Beautiful blue skies, no wind this morning. You are correct about that. Hummingbirds coming soon. This is from Twyla, beautiful. Fun yellow, we love the daffodils, just opened yesterday. Gorgeous.

So we love to see the beautiful spring flowers. Temperatures here 33 right out at BWI. We're really seeing that same range that our weather watchers were tracking here. So some of us, yep we're still in the upper 30s. And then others of us making a little bit more progress here.

So the satellite radar, you can see how quiet it is as that high pressure spins offshore. We stay quiet today. We stay quiet tomorrow. And then Tuesday, generally quiet. Although Tuesday, those clouds kind of move in, it seems, throughout the day. We'll show you that in just a second.

But the winds, yes, that is correct George. No wind to speak of for many of us. So calm wind and pretty calm here on the Futurecast. The next change that I have to tell you about arrives on Tuesday when I do think we see a few more clouds moving in.

I don't think Tuesday is going to be entirely gray, though, despite what this particular model is showing. I think we'll end up with a mix of sun and clouds. But certainly, you want to enjoy the solid sunshine that we have going on for us today and tomorrow as well. So sunny skies, a high of 63.

Normal high for this time of year is 55. So we're going to be well above that. And then yesterday, the high at BWI was 58, so we're going to be above that as well. Moving in the right direction here. And then tonight, dipping down into the mid-30s here. So we do have temperatures a tad warmer tonight than what we had last night, what we have this morning.

Our seven-day forecast. So you can see the temperatures for the workweek generally in the 60s. And then Friday, we do have this chance for a thunderstorm, a high there of 71 degrees. Looking ahead to next weekend, mostly sunny though by Saturday.