Meg McNamara Has Your Updated Forecast

Meg McNamara Has Your Updated Forecast

Video Transcript

MEG MCNAMARA: So mostly sunny today, low 60s. But it's the wind. The wind is going to get us today, Sean. How much hairspray do you have? I think you need more.

- I need more. A double dose of hairspray day.

MEG MCNAMARA: I think it is yes, it is Sean. So temperatures, we are in the low 40s. Some of us are in the upper 30s here. So this is the range that we are starting off our day. And the winds here, so they are out of the West. It is blustery. 13 miles an hour at BWI.

Generally today we can expect winds 10 to even 25 miles an hour, and we could see gusts even higher than that. The satellite radar here, you can see how quiet we are for now. But we are having that cold front approach, and it is going to mean a much chillier Monday and Tuesday. High pressure in control to start things on Monday.

Then it shifts to the south, it leaves us behind, allowing the clouds to take over throughout the day on Monday. And then eventually, we see this wet weather and wintry weather moving in late Monday night. So not making its way to the Baltimore area until the predawn hours on Tuesday, right around 1:00 to 3:00 AM is when we see it arrive. Could see some wet snow before it eventually just turns over to rain throughout the day on Tuesday.

You also notice, though, the majority of this precipitation stays south of Baltimore. Today, going to make our way into the low 60s. However, once we factor in the wind, feeling more like the low 50s. And tonight, it is chilly.

So we'll already start to feel that cold air settling in. Winds will be north-northwest in the wake of that front. So you're going to feel the difference. Our seven-day forecast here. So 47 degrees for Monday, that is the high.

Mid-40s for Tuesday. Tuesday we're dealing with some wet weather, at least to start the day. Wednesday, Sean and I were excited for Wednesday. We love St. Patrick's Day there.

Thursday and Friday, we do have a couple chances for rain, and then Saturday the first day of spring. And we have tons of sunshine for that.