Meg McNamara Has Your Updated Forecast 3-27-2021

Meg McNamara Has Your Updated Forecast 3-27-2021

Video Transcript

MEG MCNAMARA: So we want to talk about the weekend because it's really a mixed bag today and tomorrow. Similar temperatures-- mid-70s-- but other than that, the days are opposites. So sunny today, stormy tomorrow. Temperatures right now 49 at BWI, 42 in Frederick. So lots of low to mid to upper-40s across the area.

The winds-- very calm. So we will be dealing with winds throughout the day-- light. Very light, especially in comparison to what we had yesterday. So this high pressure really in control of things for the majority of the day. Eventually, though, it leaves us behind and that does mean a messier situation for tomorrow.

So today is going to be mostly sunny. We will be bright. Tomorrow, not so much. So yellow here. This means that the majority of the state is under this slight risk for severe storms. And then northern Maryland, you have a marginal risk. So we are talking about the potential for damaging winds, some heavy downpours, and then we can't rule out the possibility for isolated tornadoes.

Let's time it out, shall we? So what we notice about tomorrow is that the rain is off and on throughout the day, but the best bet to see severe storms arrives in the afternoon ahead of a cold front. So here we are tomorrow morning. 6:00 AM at that point. Already seeing some action. It continues, although it is off and on, through the early afternoon.

And then it's one particular line that's going to track through ahead of a cold front-- this one right here-- that brings us the best bet for those damaging winds, potential tornadoes. So that moves through late afternoon, early evening here. So you can see that it does show some strong cells within that system. So something to keep in mind. If you have your heart set on outdoor plans, I would do it today.

Here we are. Mid-70s, mostly sunny. Looking ahead to tonight, we're only going to dip down into the mid-50s, and then that rain moves in early tomorrow morning. Our seven-day forecast. So the temperatures are the same, but by Monday, in the wake of tomorrow's cold front, we get a big dip there-- upper-50s rebounding into the mid-60s there by Tuesday. Another round of sunshine before cloudy weather takes over on Wednesday.