Meg McNamara Has Your Updated Forecast 3-28-2021

Meg McNamara Has Your Updated Forecast 3-28-2021

Video Transcript

MEG MCNAMARA: Well, a soggy Sunday, so definitely a good day to watch WJZ, to watch some basketball, because we have not just rain, but then, later on, the potential for severe storms. So you certainly don't want to be out in that.

This is what we're tracking right now on the radar. So you can see that we do have some moderate to heavy showers across the area. We also have a little bit of lightning, so you certainly don't want to be out in that either. I think we get a break before, though, the potentially severe storms move in later on.

So we're already starting to see some dry air moving into the area here. So kind of the gap here between this first round of rain associated with the warm front, and then the second round associated with the cold front. There is a gap, so there is that when we could have dry weather later on this morning. I think by late morning, we start to see it drying out.

The severe threat here, yellow showing us a slight risk for severe storms. What that means is that scattered severe storms are possible. Main threat, damaging wind gusts. There's also the possibility, though, for tornadoes and for large hail, although those seem to be on the lower end. It's really the gusty thunderstorms. But keep in mind, there is a possibility for tornadoes.

So certainly a day when you want to just stay weather aware. So have a way to receive warnings if they are issued, and keep your eye on the radar. Download the WJZ app so you just have a way to know what's going on here.

57 right now at BWI, low to mid to some upper 50s across the area. We're going to head for the 70s, but you just probably won't be able to enjoy that too much.

South winds here, calm right now at BWI. So out of the south, warm front. But then, we'll have this cold front move through and change it all up. So there's a gap in the rain before this line of potentially severe storms move through late afternoon and early evening. So I think we could see it arrive in the Baltimore area 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM, and then the Eastern Shore more like 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. And it definitely does have some strong-looking cells there-- something to just keep in mind.

Today, here we are, 74. And then, tonight, so the rain wraps up in the evening, and then we're done with it. And then, overnight, actually, we lose the clouds as well, and temperatures are going to tumble into the low 40s.

Tomorrow, significantly colder, so we're only topping out near 60. And then, Tuesday, we're back in the upper 60s with more sunshine. Upper 60s on Wednesday, but rain does return to the forecast there on Wednesday. Possible to start our Thursday as well. And then, we dry out by Friday. Saturday, low 50s, but Easter looking bright and upper 60s.