Meg McNamara Has Your Updated Forecast 4-18-2021

Meg McNamara Has Your Updated Forecast 4-18-2021

Video Transcript

- OK, well, let's talk about what we can expect for the rest of the day here. So temperatures not doing too bad to start the day. We are loving that live look outside.

Did you tweet it, Sean? No, no? I mean, it's like what are you doing? You're anchoring the show but could you have some time to tweet my weather requests?

Temperatures here 47 right now at BWI, 43 in Frederick. The radar here, we are quiet and we are expecting to stay quiet throughout the day today. It is going to be a gorgeous second half of the weekend.

The satellite & radar here, so you can see that we have clouds well off to the East of us. But thanks to a large area of high pressure just kind of parked over the area, we are sunny, we are bright, and we are dry. Now, a disturbance does move on through later on today and that does mean a couple chances for some showers.

But here's our temperature trend, so you'll notice we're moving up as we kick off the workweek and then we dip back on down. Thanks to a cold front, no cold for moving through today but we do have this disturbance. It's going to bring us first some evening cloud. So here we are, 6 o'clock and at that point still looking mostly sunny but the clouds, they move in. They kind of take over here and then spotty showers although it does look like they stay to the South of us so this is just a slim chance that we could see a little bit of rain.

Moving through tomorrow, a little bit better chance for some rain although it does look like most of this really stays South of Baltimore before right around lunchtime when we see it scoot through and then pulling away from the Eastern shore in the early to mid afternoon. There's our high today, 67 degrees. So the high yesterday at BWI was only 59 so this is going to feel a little bit better for us. And then tonight, we're only going to dip down into the upper 40s.

Our seven day forecast here, so by Monday we're at 70. We do have that chance so for some spotty showers. Tuesday 74, right, lovely. Wednesday, upper 60s, some rain associated with a cold front. And that of course, means look, Wednesday night, we're going to be back down into the 30s, Sean. And then we're talking mid 50s there for Thursday.