Meg McNamara Has Your Updated Forecast 5-2-2021

Meg McNamara Has Your Updated Forecast 5-2-2021

Video Transcript

MEG MCNAMARA: So if you're ready for the heat, oh boy, you are going to like today. So temperatures, we are going to be cruising, making our way into the upper 80s. A significant jump up from yesterday, about a 20 degree jump in fact. We're not going to have the solid sunshine that we had yesterday. We're talking more of a mix of sun and clouds. And you want to take advantage though of the dry day, because wet weather makes quite a comeback tomorrow.

MEG MCNAMARA: The radar, so we actually had some very, very spotty activity over Northeastern Maryland. It is now done. We're not talking any more rain, any more showers for the second half of our weekend. Temperatures, so, oh boy. Just after 8 o'clock and we were already in the low 60s, so that is a sign of where we're headed today. 60 on the dot right now at BWI. Westminster, Bel Air, you're still holding on in the 50s. You'll be with us in the 60s very shortly, and then we're all going to be cruising into the 70s, and then the 80s. Not surprising at all. Winds are out of the South, so we're pulling in that warmer air high pressure, continuing to build into the area here. Heavy cloud cover you'll notice to the South of us. We'll see a mix of sun and clouds, but really we end up with a nice dose of sunshine today as well.

MEG MCNAMARA: So here we are. That time stamp 2 o'clock on the future cast and a lot of sunshine at that point. A few more clouds moving in later in the afternoon and evening, and then they take over tonight. So we wake up to gray skies Monday morning, and then some light rain possible even early tomorrow. Tomorrow's rain is off and on through the day. It's not going to be a washout all day long, but we'll get a break from it, and then more of it will move in. This chance for storms though is limited to later in the afternoon into the evening here. So you can see, we even are talking about the possibility for a few strong storms here. It looks like some downpours here, remember when we see those darker colors indicating heavier precipitation.

MEG MCNAMARA: So here we are 87, record territory, because the record today, May 2 at BWI, is 90. We are going to be just about there if not all the way there, and then tonight, very mild, only dipping down into the mid-60s. Tomorrow, temperature more like the upper 70s. And then we do have a chance for rain on Tuesday, although the majority of the day looks dry. Wednesday, showers and storms, they are back with us. This is a very springlike seven day forecast, because temperatures are up and down, and then we have-- we have a decent amount of chances for those spring showers we know and love.