Meg McNamara Has Your Updated Forecast 5-30-2021

Meg McNamara Has Your Updated Forecast 5-30-2021

Video Transcript

MEG MCNAMARA: Well, temperatures, we have some major progress just around the corner. However, today we are only topping out in the mid 50s. Remember, that's where our normal overnight lows this time of year are. Looking ahead to Memorial Day, it is a gorgeous day. So temperatures, we're going to be back right around where we should be for this time of year, just a tad cooler. Normal highs are in the upper 70s. That sunshine, it decides to join us once again. And we finally dry out.

Now, as we track the radar here-- so you can see that we do have a decent amount of some heavier rain. Places like Salisbury, Ocean City, you're getting a good soaking. And the rain, though, very light and spotty as we look towards the Baltimore area. And that, I think, is going to be the case as the day goes on. So any rain that does arrive should be on the lighter side. And it's really off and on. More off than on. So we're making a little bit of progress here.

Temperatures, we're up to 51 degrees. Westminster, though, still you're only in the 40s. Mid to upper 40s there. Frederick at 49. And even a tad cooler than where we were at this point yesterday. And yesterday, yeah, it was pretty cold. The winds not doing us any favors here. So north winds right around 12 to 25 miles an hour. That's what we can expect for the majority of our Sunday. So that's going to make those mid 50s feel more like the low 50s.

We actually set a record yesterday at BWI. So we only topped out at 56 degrees. That made it the coldest-- we set the record for the coldest high temperature. So it was 57 degrees back in 2014. And oh, no. 2021 only making it to 56. We're likely going to break the record again today because today's record is 58 degrees. And I don't think we're going to make it there. The Futurecast. So very gray here. The clouds, they hang with us all day long. Very difficult to get rid of here.

As we look ahead, though, watch the time stamp here because we really get a pretty-- we get a pretty dry break before more rain moves in late afternoon into the evening here. So there is plenty of dry weather today. The Futurecast looking ahead to tomorrow, it's looking fabulous. Here we are at 6:00 AM. Sean and I will be with you on WJZ for your Memorial Day morning here. And at that point, a lot of sunshine. And that continues throughout the day, even into the late night hours. So if you are headed to different Memorial Day ceremonies around town, you don't need the umbrella. You will need the sunglasses.

Today, though, spotty showers, mid 50s. And then tonight, dropping all the way down into the mid 40s. Looking ahead, though, to Memorial Day, if you did go to the beach this weekend, I know it has not been fabulous beach weather today. We do have a high risk of rip currents. Also wanted to mention for my boaters, small craft advisory. But tomorrow we have plenty of sunshine in the upper 60s.

Our 7 Day Forecast here. So if you're able to extend your three-day weekend and maybe make it a four-day weekend, our Tuesday is looking lovely. A nice dose of sunshine and highs there near 80. Wednesday, not too bad, although we do see that chance for storms returning later on in the day. And then looking ahead there Thursday and Friday, more chances for, if not some showers, perhaps some thunderstorms. So of course we'll discuss more of this coming up on WJZ.