Mega Millions: What if you win? Here’s what experts say you should do first

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The Mega Millions Jackpot is near $1.3 billion dollars and a lot of people are looking to strike it rich. But if you should win, there are a few things you need to do immediately.

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Several residents have been flooding in and out of several places hoping to hit it big. One of those is Bee Gee’s Market where they had a winner earlier this week of more than $800,000

“It’s been crazy the past two weeks,” said Haley Secrest, clerk at Bee Gee’s. “Once it gets up, the jackpot, over $500 million people are in here who don’t normally play, who have never played.”

Jane Dexter of Washington Township is one of those buying tickets. She told News Center 7′s James Rider that she plays occasionally, no matter the size, and has her list of what she’d do with the winnings.

“Definitely going to donate to some charities and family members and some friends,” Dexter said.

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University of Dayton Law Professor Thomas Hagel says for people who never thought about winning before, one thing he suggests is remaining anonymous.

“With this much money, I would be concerned in terms of my own safety and the safety of my family members,” Hagel told Rider.

He says you may also want to consider changing your phone number and address.

“God knows people looking for you for a handout,” Hagel said. “Get a hold of an attorney and an accountant that have expertise in tax law. because that’s going to be a major issue.”

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It’s an issue many residents would love to have which is why Bee Gee’s has remained packed throughout the day.

“It’s exhausting but honestly, these are my favorite days because you’re seeing so many different people,” Secrest said. “I’ve seen family members come in, old people I used to work with, old teachers from like middle school and elementary school.”

There has been so much interest that the Mega Millions website crashed for two hours earlier this week and with the jackpot even bigger, excitement will be even high for tonight’s drawing.